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Cultivating Culture Through Dance

Established in 1981 by Nilima Devi MBE
- Centre for Indian Classical Dance
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CICD Mission Statement

The Centre for Indian Classical Dance (CICD) is a visionary South Asian dance organisation which acts as a specialist dance agency in the East Midlands. It promotes and develops South Asian dance through training at all levels, performances, networking and partnerships at local, regional and national level. 

CICD passionately believes that South Asian Dance is for everybody irrespective of age, gender, ability, race and nationality. By promoting interest in dance, it also promotes interest in South Asian heritage and culture.

Happy New Year to All 2021!
We'll be Celebrating Our 40th Year This Year With Exciting Content to Share With You All.  

Past Events

Leicester's Virtual Diwali Celebrations 2020!

Saturday 14th November from 7pm.

Leicester City Council will showcase a virtual Diwali celebration this year, helping bring people together for an experience they can share with loved ones and friends wherever they are in the world.

This Diwali Day video will feature great music, storytelling and dance that have been filmed for this event. Don't miss out of our CICD student's performances. 

Health & Celebration

For Beginners and Experts

Health Awareness Seminar

CICD Joined by Mr. B. V. Chauhan Live on Zoom for a health & wellbeing session and learn how to manage your health through diet and food choices. Saturday 3rd October 2020 at 3pm UK time. 

Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 844 88778896

Passcode: 437173

Date: Saturday 3rd October 2020, 3:00pm UK Time.

10:00 am USA time
6:00pm Gulf
7:30pm India


Nilima Devi MBE Live on Facebook

Join Rupa on The Double Fifteen Minutes with an interview with Nilima Devi Live on Facebook This Sunday 24th August.

Poshak Puralekh

For Beginners and Experts

Leicester Museum Shows Poshak Puralekh Costumes Collection

A celebration of Indian dance costumes.

The Centre for Indian Classical Dance (CICD) has been teaching young people to dance and helping to establish Leicester as a world leader in South Asian culture ever since 1981, and so in 2021 it celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Discover some key items from the 15 costumes donated to Leicester Museums & Galleries as a result of the Poshak Puralekh project.

Our Dance Styles

We'll help you find the right dance style!

As will no doubt become apparent, each of these dance forms has its own distinct character and beauty, reflecting the rich cultural diversity and heritage of the Indian subcontinent.

Our History

Over the last 39 years, CICD has trained hundreds of British-born young people in Kathak dance who have performed for various events and festivals at prestigious venues in the UK and internationally